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The Pidgin Voiceover

The voice behind Clownin808 finds a way to make his audience laugh while incorporating the Pidgin language.

2 weeks ago | by Aoloa Patao

Big Ideas Start as Black Scribbles

Welcome back to TRADES Hawaii! We’ve been gone for several months now, but we can explain where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how we started.

2 weeks ago | by Jake Ho

Navigating the Future

In 1976, the unproven Hōkūleʻa had many doubters. The double-hulled voyaging canoe contained no motor and the navigators would attempt…

9 months ago | by Jake Ho

Stir the Paint

When word spread that Maoli Arts Month 2014 would be showcasing the youngest Native Hawaiian artists the gallery has had…

10 months ago | by Jake Ho

Kendrick Lamar Rocks Blaisdell

Typically, artists that come to Hawaiʻi have hit the dirt, or are headed there, in their career. They seem like…

12 months ago | by Jake Ho

Pow! Wow! Hawaii Murals of 2014

Just about a month ago, we posted up day one shots of Kakaʻako getting a mural makeover during this year’s…

12 months ago | by Taylor Ho